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~*Sushi*~ - Cold as ice-cream but still as sweet [userpic]
Bored traveller seeks the open road.
by ~*Sushi*~ - Cold as ice-cream but still as sweet (sushigal007)
at April 12th, 2007 (11:47 am)

Hi there, I just splurged and brought a wi-fi connector and I'd love to go explore some other towns. Mostly, I'd like to know how much it would cost for some lovely person to buy me a massage chair for Tortimer. ^^ I'm also looking to complete my collection of Cabana and Modern furniture and I'd be delighted if anyone could help me out. I'm well behaved and I'd only run through your neighbours flowers to sabotage their efforts in Flower Fest! ^^

X-posted to a couple of places.

Aaaand I'm getting an error 52103 now so never mind.

Hooray! Fixed it! Would anyone care to add me? I've just realised my town name is kind of hard to make out, so that's Sushi in Taelia.